About Us

Mamaware was created by four best friends (Mina, Alice, Mandy, and Ace) who wanted to share their love of cooking and innovative products to the world.

Married to busy, always on-the-go husbands - we spent most of our days at each others homes, sharing household tips, trying out new recipes, and finding and testing out new kitchen gadgets for fun.
We would then bring our creations to dinner parties where guests were always so amazed at how perfectly made our food were.

When more and more people started asking about our impeccable culinary skills, the idea of starting a business to share our unique finds to the world began.

It started out with kitchenware and unique kitchen gadgets that we have personally tested out and loved.
After seeing great success with those, we branched out to other household accessories and products that would simplify and bring joy into the home.

Today, Mamaware is your one-stop shop for the all the latest kitchenware and household accessories.

Enhance your kitchen experience and spice up your cooking game with Mamaware products today!

M.A.M.A <3